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Ocean Machinery's Fabricating Solutions

Over the years Ocean Machinery has been very successful at providing affordable, compact and versatile solutions to the steel fabricator, and in the process has teamed up with multiple partners to source and produce fabricating machinery that makes your life easier, more productive and more profitable.

It all started with the Ocean Avenger, a simple single spindle CNC drill line that changed the profitability of hundreds of fabricators around the world. Since then Ocean has collaborated with its partners to produce some of the most successful products in all of steel fabrication, including:

Ocean Machinery's staff has been servicing the Structural Steel Fabrication industry for well over 40 years and has built up an enviable reputation of quality service and outstanding customer care. We pride ourselves in our quick response time, and our philosophy of always thinking of our customer needs first, creates loyal happy customers.

Please call us or email us directly with regard to your steel fabricating machinery needs 1 (800) 286-3624. Our friendly sales staff will be only too pleased to assist you.

Featured Products

Ocean Challenger Robotic Welder

challenger robotic welderThe CHALLENGER welding robot is designed specifically for structural steel fabricators looking to increase production and reduce labor costs. The compact footprint, robotic automation and integrated software makes the Ocean Challenger welding robot the ideal solution for any size shop striving to be more efficient and cost effective.

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Ocean Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line

cnc structural steel fabricating machineryThe AVENGER PLUS CNC Drill Line drills, mills, slots, taps, part-marks, countersinks and more on a variety of profiles from beams to channel to rail to flat bar and more. This vast array of processes and the variety of shapes it can process makes it suitable for all types of fabricators and we see this machine in all kinds of industries including structural, oil and gas, highway, rail and transport, billboard, manufacturing and even small job shops.

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shot blaster for structural steel fabricationThe Ocean Blaster is the world’s most compact, lowest overall height, fully integrated shot blast machine that fits into the smallest fabricating shops. The Ocean BLASTER will clean all steel profiles up to 40" tall and 20" wide. It is the most cost effective shot blaster on the market, using less than 50% of the electrical power of its competitors, ensuring that you are easily the low cost fabricator in your market.

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Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line

cnc structural steel fabricating machineryThe Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line is the most simplest and most economical machine for processing clip angles for structural steel. This incredibly compact and affordable angle line is perfect for the small to medium fabricator and is very affordable!

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Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine

cnc structural steel fabricating machineryThe Ocean LIBERATOR is an amazingly economical 5-axis CNC robotic oxy-fuel cutting beam coper that will enable you to make any type of cut on beams, channels, angles, plates, and rectangular tubes.

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Ocean Terminator Dual Column Miter Band Saw

cnc structural steel fabricating machineryHeavy Duty Band Saws for Structural Steel The Ocean Terminators have earned a reputation for being the strongest, yet most economical Dual Column Double Miter Saws for structural steel. They are made exclusively for us by HydMech, the largest band saw manufacturer in North America.

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Ocean Machinery News

Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS

customer spotlight

With a little math, some creative programming, a bit of trial and error, and the legendary milling power of the Avenger PLUS, Jarrod and the team at Coasteel were able to successfully... >> More

We LOVE our Creative Customers

We LOVE our Creative Customers

Ever had to bevel the flanges of a column for weld prep when welding on a base plate? Sure you have, and it’s a pain to do it manually. But our enterprising friends at..... >> More...

Improving Productivity with the Avenger PLUS

Improving Productivity with the Avenger PLUS

Ocean customers and prospects are opening our eyes to the Avenger PLUS’ diverse processing capabilities for manufacturers using steel and or aluminum profiles in their products..... >> More...

Peddinghaus - Ocean Machinery Partnership

beam drill line for structural steel fabricatingThe story behind the unique partnership between Peddinghaus and Ocean Machinery, is revealed in this great video produced by the talented Peddinghaus marketing team.

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Steel Builders credits the Ocean Avenger for rapid growth

2016 Ocean Dealer MeetingIt’s always gratifying to see the progress and development path that our customers are on, once they have embraced the benefits of CNC Steel Fabrication... >> More...

How to Cope Stair Stringer Cut-Outs with the Ocean Liberator

cnc beam coping machineCutting stair stringer cut-outs by hand? See how quickly the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine can make stair stringer cut-outs and notches, to save you time AND money.

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