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Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS

Jarrod Slatter, the project manager at Coasteel Engineering in Australia, showed us all just how much power there is contained within the latest Ocean Avenger PLUS multifunction machine.

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Scribing layout of welded attachments with Avenger PLUS

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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Steelforce Distribution – Brisbane, Australia

ocean avenger with peddinghaus cross transfersWe love celebrating and sharing the interesting advancements of our customers around the world.

Steelforce Distribution in Brisbane, Australia has undergone dramatic updates since its first installation of the Ocean Avenger in conjunction with 4 semi-automatic bandsaws. Steelforce provides both cut to length service as well as hole drilling processing for its fabricating customers who do not have beam lines.

ocean avenger cnc drill line with cross transfers

Two of the semi-automatic saws have been replaced with automatic Meba bandsaws and are tied together using Peddinghaus  hydraulic infeed and outfeed conveyors as well as cross transfer systems .

band saws with cross transfers

Additional consolets at the other saws provides faster loading and unloading before material is moved to the Avenger when holes are required.

The new system has more than doubled their capacity and we expect this to be part of an ongoing journey.

steelforce distribution - brisbane, australia





We LOVE our Creative Customers

Completed weld prep done on the Avenger PLUS

Completed weld prep done on the Avenger PLUS

Ever had to bevel the flanges of a column for weld prep when welding on a base plate?

Sure you have, and it’s a pain to do it manually. But our enterprising friends at A&S Steel in Auckland New Zealand have found a way to do it on their Avenger PLUS Drill Line.

Weld prep bevel being done on the Ocean Avenger PLUS

Weld prep bevel of flange being done on the Ocean Avenger PLUS

They place their beams and columns on the table at the desired bevel/chamfer angle, use a standard milling tool and then quickly mill their way through the flange, providing a perfectly beveled part, ready to be welded.

Secured at the proper bevel angle and ready to go!

Secured at the proper bevel angle and ready to go!

Well, we do call the Avenger PLUS our Multifunction Machine, and now our customers have shown us yet another operation that can be done with this amazingly versatile machine.





Congratulations to Avellini Brothers on 70 Years

Longevity in the steel fabricating
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