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Stop coping by hand and become more PROFITABLE!

These days it is almost impossible to be competitive using a slow manual approach to fabricating, especially when manually measuring & laying out copes, then burning them by hand. Plus there is ...  (READ MORE)

Steel Builders, Sydney Australia credits the Ocean Avenger as the cornerstone to their rapid growth.

It’s always gratifying to see the progress and development path that our customers are on, once they have embraced the benefits of CNC Steel Fabrication. Approximately 5 years ago Ian Head of Steel ...  (READ MORE)

How to Cope Stair Stringer Cut-Outs and Notches with CNC Beam Coping Machine

If you are a structural steel fabricator that continuously does stair stringer cut-outs by hand, you will be amazed to see what the  ...  (READ MORE)

The Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine is the star of the WMTS show in Canada

Ocean Machinery and it’s manufacturing partner, Peddinghaus, are exhibiting at the Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS) in Edmonton, Alberta, June 4-6, along with their Western Canadian ...  (READ MORE)