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Australian Fabricator designs ingenious fixture for milling weld prep on plates


We are always thrilled and amazed to see the creativity of our customers, and the ingenious solutions they implement to improve their efficiency and profitability of their fabricating shops. One of ...  (READ MORE)

Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS

Jarrod Slatter, the project manager at Coasteel Engineering in Australia, showed us all just how much power there is contained within the latest Ocean Avenger PLUS multifunction machine.

Jarrod was tasked ...  (READ MORE)

Scribing layout of welded attachments with Avenger PLUS

So many of us purchase feature loaded devices, and then use only a fraction of the features. Just think of how much functionality goes wasted in our fancy smartphones every day, and yet we always feel ...  (READ MORE)

FABTECH 2015: Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line

At this year’s FABTECH Expo in Chicago, Ocean Machinery showcased our unique, super fast and versatile Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line. Running demos non-stop for 4 days, this top-selling machine has become a game changer in the structural steel fabricating industry.

What makes this machine stand out from the average Drill Line?

The Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line – Is a super fast and incredibly versatile beast of a machine and is like no other on the market. The term “Beam Drill Line” does not accurately depict the flexibility of this modern machine tool, as it can easily process a wide variety of shapes including angle, channel, plate, flat bar, t-sections, square or rectangular structural tubing, girders, tapered beams, rails, truck frames, rail car frames, and much more. The Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line

not only drills but also part-marks, scribes, mills, slots, taps and more
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