Ocean Machinery was honored to have participated in this years’ XIV Symposium International of Structures Steel, sponsored by IMCA (Mexican Institute of Steel Construction), and NONACSA.

NONACSA - Merida, Yucatan

NONACSA – Merida, Yucatan

NONACSA is one of the largest fabricators in the Yucatan, with the help of their Ocean products they are certainly making a difference and building a better community. They played a major role in supporting the Conference by inviting attendees to tour their plant with featured demonstrations of the Ocean Avenger beam drill line and Liberator beam coping machines in action.


NONACSA is one of the largest fabricators in the Yucatan.


NONACSA is a full service company.


NONACSA can proudly boast a well known clientele

It was a great show, we can’t wait till next year – thanks to all who attended!





High School project

This Ohio High School project was completely fabricated and erected by Adena Corp.

The Adena Corporation is located in Mansfield, OH, and with over 200 employees is a very large general contractor that does it all – carpentry, building foundations, masonry, concrete work, steel fabrication and steel erection. The steel fabrication side of the business, North Central Fabrication, fabricates for many different industries including: commercial, industrial, institutional and healthcare, they recently made the decision to add automation to the shop in order to be more competitive and win more jobs. They needed to increase production while maintaining low overhead costs, after weighing all options from Robot Plasmas to Single and Multi Spindle Drill Lines they concluded Ocean Machinery was the perfect fit, and ultimately chose the Ocean Avenger Drill Line and Ocean Terminator Band Saw.

It sure has changed the manner in which we put product out the door. We went from fabricating 100 tons per month to 100 tons within the first week of having the Avenger
- Mike Hall, Division Manager – Adena Corporation

Ocean Avenger

Putting the Avenger directly in line with the Terminator saw minimizes the use of overhead cranes.



CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Standley Batch Systems

Standley Batch Systems in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is a leader in design and fabrication of concrete batch processing automation systems for new and existing plants, including conveying systems, storage bins and silos.

Avenger operator

Robert Holzum, Salesman and, Scott, their Operator, beside their Avenger Drill Line installed in 2014

The Avenger Drill was installed in 2014 and production has benefited from improvements in layout and drilling  times, as well as more accurate field installations and fit-up.  In the photos below they demonstrate their custom modification; air-actuated pistons which assist in moving the profile to the Avenger’s datum line for processing.

Air-actuated pistons

Air-actuated pistons assist in moving the profile to the Avenger’s datum line

air-actuated piston

Air-actuated piston

Avenger drill ine

2016 Peddinghaus Regional Managers Appreciation Event

Margaritaville Beach Resort - Hollywood, Florida

Margaritaville Beach Resort – Hollywood, Florida

Earlier this month we held an Appreciation Event at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, to celebrate our strong partnership with the Peddinghaus Regional Managers. The main day was Friday, December 9th beginning with a short meeting packed full of laughs, fun and useful information.

2016 Peddinghaus Regional Managers Meeting

Laughs, fun and useful information being dispensed

The meeting was followed by lunch at Pelican Landing on Pier 66, where everyone from up north got to enjoy what we Floridians take for granted – being outside, on the water, in December dressed for July!

Lunch with Peddinghaus Regional Managers

Lunch at Pelican Landing on Pier 66

Then it was on to more “outdoor December” fun, as we boarded a yacht and cruised the Intracoastal waterway; sipping adult beverages and getting to know each other a little better.

Cruising Intracoastal with Peddinghaus Regional Managers

Cruising the Intracoastal

As you can see by the photos, and from the comments we received there was a good time had by all who attended our 2016 Peddinghaus Regional Managers Appreciation Event.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, we hope you had fun and were inspired by what you heard. Till next time – Thanks again!


CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Industrias Metalicas Caribe, SRL

It is always so gratifying to see the success of our customers. One of our more unusual customers is Industrias Metalicas Caribe, SRL, known as Indumeca, who is based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Indumeca started out life as a manufacturer of propane and natural-gas cylinders, but in a very short time has become one of the top structural steel fabricators in the Caribbean Islands.

Tonnage has increased 10x in less than 2 years

Tonnage has increased 10x in less than 2 years

Ocean Avenger

Indumeca – one of the top structural steel fabricators in the Caribbean Islands

After the acquisition of multiple Ocean products, including two Avenger 40 drill lines, a Clipper angle line, a Liberator beam coper and a Terminator band saw, Indumeca has seen their fabricated output tonnage increase by more than ten time in less than two years.

With the Ocean equipment, they still have the capacity to double their current tonnage, and are aiming to become the top structural steel fabricator in the Caribbean islands.

Ocean Avenger at Indumeca

2 Ocean Avengers, a Liberator & a Terminator keeps this shop producing

Ocean Avenger

Streamlined shop floor allows for higher output

Ocean Clipper

Ocean Clipper

Ing. Enrique Ureña, founder and owner of Indumeca, explains how the purchase of the two Ocean Avengers allowed them to allocate all their plates and other profiles on one Avenger, and all their beams and columns to the other Avenger. Moreover the machines have never let him down. The trend in the Caribbean islands is to move away from anything other than drilled holes.  >>Watch Video Below

Peddinghaus and Ocean rebuild Christchurch

The 22nd of Feb 2011 was a terrifying day in Christchurch New Zealand. A magnitude 6.3 earthquake decimated the city, killing 185 people and destroying over 170,000 buildings.

Following the earthquake, and eleven months of more than four hundred 4.5 magnitude and higher aftershocks, the former picturesque city of Christchurch was no more. Most of the buildings in the city center collapsed, and those that remained standing had to be condemned.

February 22, 2011 earthquake - Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake – Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake - Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake – Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake - Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake – Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake - Christchurch, NZ

February 22, 2011 earthquake – Christchurch, NZ

And so a long hard project of rebuilding from the ruins was put into play. Steel Construction New Zealand, (SCNZ) the governing body of the steel industry, set about revising their building code, and steel became the building material of choice for the rebirth of Christchurch.

Through the hard work of our great partner, Impact Machinery, both Ocean Machinery and Peddinghaus set about installing the massive fabricating capacity that would be needed throughout the island, and in so doing, we have been instrumental in seeing the skyline of New Zealand change in front of our eyes.

John Jones Steel - Christchurch, NZ

John Jones Steel – Christchurch, NZ

Darren Harmsworth (Impact Machinery) with a 24″ x 24″ column being drilled on the Avenger

John Jones Steel - Christchurch, NZ

Ocean Avenger at John Jones Steel – Christchurch, NZ

Five years later, the skyline has changed and we are proud to have been part of this amazing journey of rebirth. Thanks to our partners, Impact Machinery, Peddinghaus and especially our New Zealand Fabricators.

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ using the 24″ x 24″ columns drilled by the Ocean Avenger

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The rebuilding of Christchurch, NZ

The Peddinghaus Partnership with Ocean Machinery

The story behind the unique partnership between Peddinghaus and Ocean Machinery, is revealed in this great video produced by the talented Peddinghaus marketing team.

The story is also outlined in their latest edition of PEDDI NEWS and makes for good reading. The story starts on Page 20… READ IT HERE

Peddi News - July

ALL NEW… Full-Length Ocean Avenger Video

We have finally completed production on the latest Ocean Avenger video. This video showcases the versatility of the Avenger CNC Drill Line, drilling holes in a variety of profiles & thicknesses, the heavy-duty table & moving drilling platform, international safety features, and the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.


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For more information on the Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line, please visit our website or call 800-286-3624.

Take a cool aerial tour through New Zealand’s largest steel fabricator

While Ocean typically targets the small to medium fabricator, many of Ocean’s CNC machines end up in large fabrication facilities due to their exceptional versatility and their ability to process just about any profile.

In this very cool aerial tour through John Jones, the largest steel fabricator in South Island New Zealand, we see both Peddinghaus and Ocean Avenger drill lines.

The Avenger processes steel profiles that would be impossible to do on a regular beam line, such as this 24”x24” RHS steel section.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger makes easy work of this 600 x 600 x 20mm rectangular column

Due to a major earthquake back in 2011, the NZ building code is going through a major rewrite to account for seismic activity and there are a lot of major projects underway featuring new seismic engineering concepts.

Ocean Avenger at John Jones New Zealand

Darren Harmsworth of Impact Machinery with the Ocean Avenger at John Jones New Zealand

This particular column is a 24”x24” column, made from press brake formed plate, with multiple holes drilled on all four faces. Despite having a large multispindle Peddinghaus drill line, this part was allocated to their ever faithful Ocean Avenger of which they have two.

Ocean Avenger

Holes are drilled in all four surfaces of this rectangular column

large rectangular column

A 300 Ton Press brake forms the plate into the rectangular column (3rd party processing)


Steel Builders, Sydney Australia credits the Ocean Avenger as the cornerstone to their rapid growth.

It’s always gratifying to see the progress and development path that our customers are on, once they have embraced the benefits of CNC Steel Fabrication. Approximately 5 years ago Ian Head of Steel Builders in Sydney Australia embraced our Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line. The immediate improvement to the bottom line and cash flow improvement that this machine made for them started Steel Builders down a path of incremental steps, and it wasn’t long before they had installed the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine, as well as a Peddinghaus CNC Saw Drill Line and CNC Angle Line.

The Avenger CNC Drill Line was the first step in the evolution that led to the rapid growth of Steel Builder in Sydney Australia. The Avenger is the most popular CNC Drill Line with more than 700 installations in over 60 countries around the world.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Ocean Avenger - Square tube

Ocean Avenger


Just look at the super clean copes that the highly affordable Ocean Liberator CNC Oxy-Fuel Beam Coping Machine is capable of in the hands of a competent operator. Why would you ever cope any other way?

Liberator - clean copes

Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine – Super clean copes

Steel Builders also modified their Liberator with simple mirrors attached to the torch head so that they can easily observe the cut on the far side of the flange, and added a remote monitor to the machine column to make it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while watching the cut. So simple yet so effective. This is what we love to see, customers getting the most out of their machines.


Modified with mirrors allows viewing of far-side flange while cutting

Remote monitor

Remote monitor attached to machine column makes it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while cutting