Ocean had the wonderful privilege of celebrating the delivery of the 500th Ocean Avenger CNC drill line with the members of the Peddinghaus manufacturing team based in Andrews South Carolina.

For the past 6 years the Andrews facility has moved heaven and earth to manufacture the steady stream of Avengers that have been shipped all over the world.

On hand for the celebrations was Anton Peddinghaus, the CEO and president of Peddinghaus Corporation, Bob Meltzer, the Peddinghaus Andrews COO, Jeff Mullikin, the designer and creator of the Ocean Avenger B Model, and the entire manufacturing and assembly crew from Andrews. Also in attendance was Mr Hilton McGill JR, the director of Economic Development for Williamsburg County.

A great lunch was served in the assembly hall and Danny Steyn, the VP of Ocean Machinery thanked the Peddinghaus team.

“On behalf of the entire team at Ocean Machinery, as well as our international dealer team, we extend a sincere thanks to the members of the Peddinghaus team for their exceptional commitment to our product, for its exceptional build quality, and especially for the manner in which we all work together.¬†We are proud to be associated with Peddinghaus”.