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Australian Fabricator designs ingenious fixture for milling weld prep on plates


We are always thrilled and amazed to see the creativity of our customers, and the ingenious solutions they implement to improve their efficiency and profitability of their fabricating shops. One of ...  (READ MORE)

Australian fabricator creates magic with the Avenger PLUS

Jarrod Slatter, the project manager at Coasteel Engineering in Australia, showed us all just how much power there is contained within the latest Ocean Avenger PLUS multifunction machine.

Jarrod was tasked ...  (READ MORE)

Avenger Customer Installs Ingenious Material Handling System

Every day, our customers show us how creative and enterprising they are.

On a recent visit to one of our customers, our technician Dave, noticed these cool roll-out tracks to get rid of unsightly wood ...  (READ MORE)

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Division Five – Hollywood, SC

Division Five

Division Five, a structural fabricator located in Hollywood, SC, has been a valued customer of Ocean Machinery since their 2006 installation of the Terminator 1842 Saw and Avenger Drill Line.

Division Five Ocean Terminator

Division Five Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line

The Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coper was added in 2018 to minimize layout and coping times. A recent visit to their facility reveals W16 x 40’s requiring rat holes, web and flange beveling, taking around 7-minutes and 30 seconds per-end to cope and bevel.  Previous manual processing took about one-hour after grinding and final cleanup.

Division Five Ocean Liberator CNC Oxy Coper

We also observed a “mammoth” W40 x 199 beam being drilled on their Ocean Avenger.  The Liberator Beam Coper was used to perform a trim-cut on this “heavy-weight” prior to drilling it.

Division Five Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Line

We thank the team at Division Five for employing the Ocean brand of structural machinery to supplement their fabrication efforts.




Reducing Coping Man-hours and Handling Times at BullDog Iron Works – Waxahachie, Texas

bulldog ironworks - ocean liberator, ocean terminator, and ocean flippers

A recent visit to Bulldog Ironworks, just south of Dallas, reveals how they  leverage Ocean Products to reduce man-hours and improve material flow through their recently expanded facility.  They specialize in heavy structural steel fabrication for both commercial and industrial markets.

ocean liberator

Material flows in one direction through the shop starting with the Ocean Terminator Saw and their recent addition of the Ocean Liberator Coping Line. Nick Copeland Sr.,  commented that “we recently completed the stair-stinger cut-outs for a 16 story building, consisting of 96 stringers, in two-days using the Liberator” The Liberator has greatly improved productivity as witnessed in the channel cut-outs being processed for a steel supply house.

Bulldog Iron Works also integrated three pairs of Ocean Flipper Profile Rotators into their fitter-welder lines. Material is rotated at each station, eliminating costly wait times for overhead cranes.

ocean flipper

BullDog Iron Works has 3 pair of Ocean Flippers

ocean flipper

Operating since 1970, the Copeland family business is prospering due to their employee skill sets, commitment to quality workmanship and focus being a low cost producer using technology.








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