One of Ocean’s newest Avenger Drill Line customers, J&C Steel Fabricators, in Brooklyn, New York, is extremely pleased with what the Avenger Drill Line can do. It has also drastically lowered production costs, minimized shop floor errors and shown an immediate return on their investment.

J&C Steel Fabricators

Cesar Velesaca, President J&C Steel Fabricators (center) with members of his crew and Tom Doyle of Doyle Structural Solutions

They neatly placed their machine against the wall where the steel supply truck backs into the bay to unload parallel to the Avenger.

Avenger Drill Line

Avenger Drill Line positioned so trucks can unload parallel to table


The position of the Avenger makes loading and unloading on the truck easy

Avenger Drilled Beams





Stop coping by hand and become more PROFITABLE!

These days it is almost impossible to be competitive using a slow manual approach to fabricating, especially when manually measuring & laying out copes, then burning them by hand. Plus there is additional grinding and cleaning of the cope adding additional costs to the process.

This means you have way too many man-hours in each cut or cope. What you really need is a more economical, and more accurate solution that does your coping and notching cleaner and much faster, ensuring you make a larger margin on your bids.

Learn how the Ocean Liberator can make you MONEY by coping your pieces significantly faster and cheaper than doing it by hand or with a robotic plasma coper.


High School project

This Ohio High School project was completely fabricated and erected by Adena Corp.

The Adena Corporation is located in Mansfield, OH, and with over 200 employees is a very large general contractor that does it all – carpentry, building foundations, masonry, concrete work, steel fabrication and steel erection. The steel fabrication side of the business, North Central Fabrication, fabricates for many different industries including: commercial, industrial, institutional and healthcare, they recently made the decision to add automation to the shop in order to be more competitive and win more jobs. They needed to increase production while maintaining low overhead costs, after weighing all options from Robot Plasmas to Single and Multi Spindle Drill Lines they concluded Ocean Machinery was the perfect fit, and ultimately chose the Ocean Avenger Drill Line and Ocean Terminator Band Saw.

It sure has changed the manner in which we put product out the door. We went from fabricating 100 tons per month to 100 tons within the first week of having the Avenger
- Mike Hall, Division Manager – Adena Corporation

Ocean Avenger

Putting the Avenger directly in line with the Terminator saw minimizes the use of overhead cranes.



The Peddinghaus Partnership with Ocean Machinery

The story behind the unique partnership between Peddinghaus and Ocean Machinery, is revealed in this great video produced by the talented Peddinghaus marketing team.

The story is also outlined in their latest edition of PEDDI NEWS and makes for good reading. The story starts on Page 20… READ IT HERE

Peddi News - July

Ocean Avenger, Eliminator and Terminator Installation

South Florida based Go-Tilt recently purchased the Ocean Avenger, Eliminator and Terminator for some exciting new projects they have coming up. With this new location just up the street from our office it gave us the unique opportunity to get photos of the actual deliveries and shoot some really cool video.

The Ocean Avenger and Eliminator were the first pieces of equipment to arrive.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger and Eliminator shipment arrives

Ocean Avenger delivery

Ocean Avenger and Eliminator shipment unwrapped and ready to unload

The next day the Ocean Terminator shipment rolled in.

Ocean Terminator delivery

Ocean Terminator shipment has arrived

Ocean Terminator shipment

Ocean Terminator unwrapped and ready to be unloaded

Ocean Avenger

Everything is here, let the installation begin!

With everything now in the building and the installation ready to begin, it was time to have some fun. We placed a GoPro camera in the rafters during the installation to get some time-lapse footage of everything coming together. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were hoping for some pretty cool footage… and that is exactly what we got!

Check it out – 3.5 day installation in just 2 minutes.

BONUS FOOTAGE – the comical version!



New World Record for Ocean Avenger

South African customer, Greenhouse Construction, set a new record by drilling over 4 Million holes with their Ocean Avenger in just 2 years and 2 months since installation. As one of the premier design build companies doing large warehouses, Greenhouse completely redesigned all aspects of their warehouses to best utilize the capability of the Avenger.

In two years they have gone from predominantly welding their structures to now being an almost completely bolted design, netting them considerable savings in the process. In South Africa, steel service centers that offer processing, sell a hole for around R15.00. This means that Greenhouse has seen a return in the range of R60 Million* in 2 years on a machine that cost them less than R2.6M*. Now that’s what you call a return on investment!  (*$4.8M return on $200K invested)

New World Record for Ocean Avenger

Proud operator Charles Roast with his immaculately maintained Ocean Avenger at Greenhouse Construction, South Africa

Ocean Avenger Forty and Ocean Terminator DCM speeds up production at True Fab Inc. in Freeport, Texas

Ocean Machinery is so proud to see our newest customers, True Fab Inc. from Freeport, Texas, show off their new installation of the Ocean Avenger Forty CNC Beam Drill Line and their new Ocean Terminator DCM 18/25 band saw.

This was a special day as their two certified machine operators, Caden and Caleb Romero, who are twin brothers, celebrated their 21st birthday on the day of this photo.

Ocean Avenger Forty

From left to right: Caden Romero, Sammy Romero, Caleb Romero, Mark Romero, and Holly Romero


According to the Romero’s… “We are really happy! So far the machines have really sped up the production through our shop. We love it!!!


Ocean Liberator speeds up production at Union Steel in South Africa

Coping of steel beams is time consuming and is fraught with potential problems. Michael Papanicolaou of Union Steel in Cape Town, has been a long time believer in embracing CNC machinery wherever possible, and has built his operation into one of the most successful steel fabricating enterprises in the Western Cape. The latest addition to his factory floor is the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping machine, which has been operating continuously since its installation.

1.Michael Papanicolaou of Union Steel with Ray Chellew of Skok Machine Tool

Michael Papanicolaou of Union Steel with Ray Chellew of Skok Machine Tool

2.Clean flange stripping performed on the Ocean Liberator

Clean flange stripping performed on the Ocean Liberator

Typical end copes done with the Ocean Liberator

Typical end copes done with the Ocean Liberator

His operators Elron Groenmeyer and Mluleki Gelem adapted to the machine quickly and are performing some of the cleanest copes that we have ever seen done by this machine. The cleanliness of the cuts significantly reduces additional non-value added tasks such as grinding of copes and other unnecessary clean up.

coping steel beams

Ocean Liberator operators Elron Groenmeyer and Mluleki Gelem in front of the control pedestal

coping steel beams south africa

The Ocean Liberator performs complex end copes with ease and significantly reduces grinding and clean up

Ocean Avenger Optimizes Western Cape Steel Fabrication

Local South African steel fabricator LJ Le Roux has significantly improved his fabrication capabilities with the installation of several pieces of highly productive steel fabricating equipment. For beam fabrication Le Roux  has installed the incredibly popular Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line, which is fed by an automated Peddinghaus sawing line that miters in both directions. For his angle production he utilizes the Peddinghaus Angle Master.

optimizing steel fabrication in south africa

Andre Matthee is the operator for the Ocean Avenger drill line and Peddinghaus saw

drilling steel south africa

Here the Peddinghaus Saw feeds the steel to the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Recent Machinery Installation: Avellini Brothers (Durban, South Africa)

We just love it when our customers go the extra mile with their machine installations. Skok Machine Tools, with help from Peddinghaus and Ocean, recently installed an Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line and the Terminator DCM18/25 Dual-Column Mitering Band Saw, along with material handling equipment in a flexible parallel configuration at Avellini Bros in Durban South Africa. Shortly thereafter, the customer fabricated additional safety barriers to protect their machines, as well as a great transparent  practical office for the machine operator, and then painted nearby machines to match the Ocean blue and orange. One of the cleanest installs out there. Congrats to all at Avellini for the fine work!

CNC Drill Line set up with Band Saw

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line installed with Terminator DCM-18/25 Band Saw

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line installed with Terminator DCM-18/25 Band Saw

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line installed with Terminator DCM-18/25 Band Saw

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line installed with Terminator DCM-18/25 Band Saw

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line installed with Terminator DCM-18/25 Band Saw