Step-by-Step Integration of Ocean Products

Integration of the Ocean Terminator Saw with the Avenger Drill Line

Integration of the Ocean Terminator Saw with the Avenger Drill Line

All Ocean products are designed to be fully-functional stand-alone machines that exhibit amazing productivity and versatility in their own right, and are designed to fit into very compact spaces since most of our customers are pressed for space.  However, they are also fully capable of being integrated into fully-functional systems for those customers who have the space to implement them.  This can be done at any time in a step-by-step approach as needs require and as funds become available.

We are finding more and more customers using the Avenger (and Avenger PLUS) drill line to not only drill and layout their beams, but also to measure the beam for cutting to length and coping.  We often see our machines in a system layout where the Avenger drills, lays out and measures, and the Terminator cuts to length.

Ocean Liberator integrated with Avenger Drill Line

Ocean Liberator integrated with Avenger Drill Line

But for those customers who have a significant percentage of their work that also needs to be coped, an Avenger or Avenger PLUS in tandem with the Liberator CNC Coper is even more versatile.  These customers use the drill line to place the location reference marks and then use the Liberator to not only cope the beams, but also to cut to length.

Just outside Fresno in Northern California, Steve Bradford of Bradford Steel started off with an Avenger and then subsequently added a Liberator to cope and cut to length.  He installed cross transfers to facilitate loading the Avenger and added idler rollers to the drill table, making it easier to feed the beams into the coper.  His future plans include additional cross transfers integrated with the outfeed of the Liberator to further speed up production, and the integration of an Ocean Blaster to further reduce costs and improve profitability.

Material handling integrated with Avenger Drill Line

Material handling integrated with Avenger Drill Line


Ocean Machinery provides full CAD layout drawings of an entire system in your location, showing you how the various products can all be integrated in the future.  This step-by-step modular approach to machine integration means that you never have to invest too much at one time; just add machines as needed.

Call us today toll free at 1-800-286-3624 or at 1-954-956-3131. We look forward to helping you create a customized fully functional integrated system for your shop.



Special Savings on Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

Are you in the business of aluminum doors, windows, hurricane shutters, stairs, railings, bleachers, etc? If you need a machine that can quickly and accurately cut through aluminum and other non-ferrous metals then the Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw is the machine you need to save you both TIME & MONEY.

fully automatic aluminum upcut saw

The Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

Think about how long it takes one operator to manually cut through aluminum. Now imagine they can quickly feed the aluminum into a machine, hit the start button, and walk away while the machine does the cutting for them, freeing up their time to work on other jobs at the same time. This not only reduces your operator costs, but also increases your output – which means you can produce more parts in a fraction of the time of cutting through aluminum manually.

Watch the short video below to see some unique features of this fully automatic aluminum upcut saw:


We are currently offering a 10% discount on a lightly used demo Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw from our Fort Lauderdale warehouse. The normal listing price is $33,000 and we are offering this amazing, super-fast aluminum upcut saw for only $29,700. FOB Ft Lauderdale, FL. Contact Ocean Machinery for more details (954) 956-3131.

The Atech Aluminum Upcut Saw comes with:

  • 18” saw blade
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system
  • Infeed table 6.5’
  • Air gun
fully automatic aluminum upcut saw

The Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

The standard features of the Aluminum Upcut Saw:

  • Fully Automatic In Feed Aluminum Upcut Saw
  • 18” Carbide tipped blade
  • Auto Feeding (Servo System)
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed with variable speed control to suit different profiles
  • Feeder Speed is adjustable
  • Stroke of fedder is adjustable from 5mm to 600mm
  • Multiple stoke adjustment
  • Cutting accuracy is +/- .003”
  • PLC software controlled working process, capable of memory storage of previous job specifications (material diameter, length, infeed values)
  • Equipped with digital display
  • Equipped with air pressure drop sensor ( when the air pressure drops under 3 bar the saw moves to its start position)
  • 4 HP Motor
  • 220v,3ph
  • 3000 RPM

Contact Ocean Machinery TODAY at (954) 956-3131 for more information on the Atech Aluminum Upcut Saw.