UPDATED: Ocean Machinery races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

UPDATE 9/26/17:
Ocean Machinery is this close to the #1 pole position

It hasn’t been clear sailing for the Ocean Machinery #9 car, as they have battled with an engine miss over the weekend, a burst water hose in the final test session, and gearbox failures during both of the cars 1st place qualifying sessions.

The Ocean Machinery car is ready for Indy

The Ocean Machinery car is ready for Indy

Speaking with driver Danny Steyn earlier, he said “The track at Indianapolis is ideal for my style of driving” – which is evident with his 1st place qualifying times 2 days in a row.

There are 2 more days of qualifying before the best average time over the 4 days will decide the pole sitter for Saturday’s STL race. On paper things are looking great for the Ocean Machinery sponsored Mazda MX-5, but there is still a long road and as Steyn stated “a long night ahead trying to sort out the problems”.


You can also follow the action as it happens here >> LISTEN LIVE

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Ocean Machinery SCCA sponsored car

Ocean Machinery’s SCCA sponsored car

Ocean Machinery is proud to announce the famous Ocean Machinery Blue and Orange livery will be showcased on the Mazda MX-5, driven by Danny Steyn, in the Super Touring Lite (STL) class at the SCCA Runoffs on Saturday September 30th in Indianapolis. The car also proudly displays the famous Peddinghaus logo, Ocean Machinery’s most important business partner.

The famous bricks of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The iconic bricks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Start/Finish line

As the premier event for Club Road Racing in the USA, the SCCA Runoffs travel to a different track around the country each year. For 2017, the Runoffs will take place at one of the world’s most iconic tracks, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. More than a thousand competitors have registered for this year’s event, smashing all previous records.


After racing motocross in his youth, Steyn has been racing cars for the past ten years, winning multiple road racing championships in the Spec Miata class, a class in which he will again contend at the Runoffs. Limited to the first 3 generations of Miata’s (1990-2003), and equalized in performance by weight and restrictor plates, the Spec Miata class is one of the most competitive classes in all of club racing. This year 88 Spec Miata drivers have entered the Runoffs.


Not content with just Spec Miata, this year Steyn has put his efforts into the higher performance, Super Touring Lite class. This class is open to all manufacturers, and features fully built race engines with capacity of less than two liters, all highly tuned under more liberal specifications, and allowing for aerodynamic aids such as front splitters and rear wings. In a class that has been dominated by Honda’s in the past, there are several Mazda drivers, including Steyn who are hoping to bring that to an end at Indy!

Ocean Machinery logo on helmet

The SCCA Runoffs run for a full 10 days to accommodate the 26 race classes, and start with testing sessions on Saturday 23rd  and Sunday 24th , and continue with four qualifying sessions Monday 25th  through Thursday 28th to set the grid for the final Runoffs races


  • The Spec Miata feature race takes place on Friday 29th at 11:45am.
  • The STL feature race takes place at 1.30pm on Saturday 30th.
    – All races will be streamed live at www.scca.com/live .
    – You can also follow all races at www.race-monitor.com/Live/Section/7 .





One of Ocean’s newest Avenger Drill Line customers, J&C Steel Fabricators, in Brooklyn, New York, is extremely pleased with what the Avenger Drill Line can do. It has also drastically lowered production costs, minimized shop floor errors and shown an immediate return on their investment.

J&C Steel Fabricators

Cesar Velesaca, President J&C Steel Fabricators (center) with members of his crew and Tom Doyle of Doyle Structural Solutions

They neatly placed their machine against the wall where the steel supply truck backs into the bay to unload parallel to the Avenger.

Avenger Drill Line

Avenger Drill Line positioned so trucks can unload parallel to table


The position of the Avenger makes loading and unloading on the truck easy

Avenger Drilled Beams





Can your Beam Line do this? – Drilling Pre-Welded Assemblies

one of our Avenger PLUS customers drilling this large pre-welded assembly.

One of our Avenger PLUS customers drilling a large pre-welded assembly.

There are situations that occur in fabrication that necessitate the pre-welding of an assembly and then the subsequent drilling of that assembly. This is normally due to one or more concerns that if the holes are drilled prior to welding, that:

  1. The contraction and distortion of the material as it cools down from welding, might cause the hole-to-hole accuracy to be compromised, and
  2. The actual welding of the pre-drilled components might not be perfectly aligned, thus compromising the hole-to-hole accuracy

The Avenger and Avenger PLUS machines, by virtue of the static work-piece and moving processing column, allow fabricators to position and drill pre-welded structures on their machines.

This is not something that you can even consider on a typical multi-spindle drill line or coping robot.

We would love to see other photos of our customers drilling pre-welded assemblies – please email them to greg@oceanmachinery.com



Stop coping by hand and become more PROFITABLE!

These days it is almost impossible to be competitive using a slow manual approach to fabricating, especially when manually measuring & laying out copes, then burning them by hand. Plus there is additional grinding and cleaning of the cope adding additional costs to the process.

This means you have way too many man-hours in each cut or cope. What you really need is a more economical, and more accurate solution that does your coping and notching cleaner and much faster, ensuring you make a larger margin on your bids.

Learn how the Ocean Liberator can make you MONEY by coping your pieces significantly faster and cheaper than doing it by hand or with a robotic plasma coper.




Ocean Machinery, along with its manufacturing partner Peddinghaus and its local dealer Impact Machinery, exhibited the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping machine at the recent Austech trade show in Melbourne Australia.

The Ocean Liberator drew huge crowds at Austech

The Ocean Liberator drew huge crowds at Austech

The simplicity of the Liberator and the ease in which it copes all types of copes made it an instant hit at the show. Its compact size, affordable price explains why it is so popular worldwide and why it is used in both large structural shops as well as all steel fabricators doing a mix of structural and miscellaneous metals.

The Ocean Liberator's copes require little to no grinding

The Ocean Liberator’s copes require little to no grinding



Of course the legendary Oceanettes added a dose of light relief and were a big hit, signing their calendars and posing with the multitude of visitors.

The world famous Oceanettes

The world famous Oceanettes down under at Austech 2017


Vice President Danny Steyn and the Oceanettes with the Ocean Liberator

To learn more about the Ocean Liberator CNC beam coping machine call Ocean Machinery today or visit us on the web at www.oceanmachinery.com






Ocean Machinery was honored to have participated in this years’ XIV Symposium International of Structures Steel, sponsored by IMCA (Mexican Institute of Steel Construction), and NONACSA.

NONACSA - Merida, Yucatan

NONACSA – Merida, Yucatan

NONACSA is one of the largest fabricators in the Yucatan, with the help of their Ocean products they are certainly making a difference and building a better community. They played a major role in supporting the Conference by inviting attendees to tour their plant with featured demonstrations of the Ocean Avenger beam drill line and Liberator beam coping machines in action.


NONACSA is one of the largest fabricators in the Yucatan.


NONACSA is a full service company.


NONACSA can proudly boast a well known clientele

It was a great show, we can’t wait till next year – thanks to all who attended!





High School project

This Ohio High School project was completely fabricated and erected by Adena Corp.

The Adena Corporation is located in Mansfield, OH, and with over 200 employees is a very large general contractor that does it all – carpentry, building foundations, masonry, concrete work, steel fabrication and steel erection. The steel fabrication side of the business, North Central Fabrication, fabricates for many different industries including: commercial, industrial, institutional and healthcare, they recently made the decision to add automation to the shop in order to be more competitive and win more jobs. They needed to increase production while maintaining low overhead costs, after weighing all options from Robot Plasmas to Single and Multi Spindle Drill Lines they concluded Ocean Machinery was the perfect fit, and ultimately chose the Ocean Avenger Drill Line and Ocean Terminator Band Saw.

It sure has changed the manner in which we put product out the door. We went from fabricating 100 tons per month to 100 tons within the first week of having the Avenger
– Mike Hall, Division Manager – Adena Corporation

Ocean Avenger

Putting the Avenger directly in line with the Terminator saw minimizes the use of overhead cranes.



CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Santini Brothers Iron Works

John Evans, Atlantic Machinery, with John Santini, of Santini Brothers Iron Works and their new Avenger PLUS

John Evans, Atlantic Machinery, with John Santini of Santini Brothers Iron Works and their new Avenger PLUS

Santini Brothers Iron Works of Boston, MA produces profiles for bridges and many other DOT projects. They knew to stay competitive in today’s market they needed to automate, and with help from their new Avenger PLUS that’s just what they are doing.

Santini Brothers new Avenger PLUS

Santini Brothers new Avenger PLUS

John Santini  proclaims “It’s like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons”, referring to the productivity they have attained from their recent Avenger PLUS acquisition.  He is amazed that they have done “30-days worth of work in just 2-days” by automating the drilling, milling, slotting, layout and part marking of the variety of profiles they produce.


“It’s like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons” – John Santini




CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Standley Batch Systems

Standley Batch Systems in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is a leader in design and fabrication of concrete batch processing automation systems for new and existing plants, including conveying systems, storage bins and silos.

Avenger operator

Robert Holzum, Salesman and, Scott, their Operator, beside their Avenger Drill Line installed in 2014

The Avenger Drill was installed in 2014 and production has benefited from improvements in layout and drilling  times, as well as more accurate field installations and fit-up.  In the photos below they demonstrate their custom modification; air-actuated pistons which assist in moving the profile to the Avenger’s datum line for processing.

Air-actuated pistons

Air-actuated pistons assist in moving the profile to the Avenger’s datum line

air-actuated piston

Air-actuated piston

Avenger drill ine

The Right Way to Fabricate Steel

Ocean is fortunate to have a great new partner, Cayarga SA de CV Constructora, from Torreón, Coahuila, México.

Javier Cayarga Izaguirre of Cayarga SA de CV Constructora with Ocean's Luis Pena

Javier Cayarga Izaguirre of Cayarga SA de CV Constructora with Ocean’s Luis Pena

Javier Cayarga Izaguirre is an Architect who loves the construction and structural steel industry so much that he decided to get fully involved. And this is how he is going about it. Brand new building, two long parallel 200 ft. bays, with cranes soon to be installed. And to do the work efficiently, he ordered a new Avenger to do the laying out and drilling of holes, directly from the Tekla detail drawings. This my friends is the right way to get into the game!

We were fortunate to be on site when the truck bearing the new Avenger pulled into his new fab shop, and Javier watched like an expectant father as the machine was being unloaded from the truck. I have the feeling that this is going to be in an interesting story to watch unfold.

Javier Cayarga Izaguirre watches as his new Avenger arrives

Javier Cayarga Izaguirre watches anxiously as his new Avenger arrives

Cayarga SA de CV Constructora  From Torreón, Coahuila, México

Cayarga SA de CV Constructora – Torreón, Coahuila, México

Ocean's Luis Pena unveils their new machine

Ocean’s Luis Pena gives his approval on the delivery