Ocean Machinery in Mexico City at FABTECH Mexico 2016

Last week (May 4th-6th) Ocean Machinery headed south of the border to FABTECH Mexico, held at Centro Banamex in Mexico City. Central American Sales Rep, Luis Pena and Ocean President, Hunter Fry teamed up with our dealer ACAT Mexicana to display and demonstrate the speed, precision and versatility of the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line. The space limitations within the ACAT booth really showcased the fact that even the smallest shop can accommodate an Ocean Avenger Drill Line without any problems.

Ocean Avenger

Hunter Fry demonstrates the precision of the Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger

Limited space is not an issue with the Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger

The Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line is precise and versatile

Ocean Rejuvenator Drill Shapener

Also featured was the Ocean Rejuvenator Drill Sharpener

Eric Olivos Chavez, Director General at Sypisa was so impressed with the Ocean Avenger he wasted no time purchasing and placing his logo on it right at the show. Congratulations Eric, and welcome to the family!

Ocean Avenger

Proud new Ocean Avenger owner, Eric Olivos Chavez, Director General – Sypisa

Steel Builders, Sydney Australia credits the Ocean Avenger as the cornerstone to their rapid growth.

It’s always gratifying to see the progress and development path that our customers are on, once they have embraced the benefits of CNC Steel Fabrication. Approximately 5 years ago Ian Head of Steel Builders in Sydney Australia embraced our Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line. The immediate improvement to the bottom line and cash flow improvement that this machine made for them started Steel Builders down a path of incremental steps, and it wasn’t long before they had installed the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine, as well as a Peddinghaus CNC Saw Drill Line and CNC Angle Line.

The Avenger CNC Drill Line was the first step in the evolution that led to the rapid growth of Steel Builder in Sydney Australia. The Avenger is the most popular CNC Drill Line with more than 700 installations in over 60 countries around the world.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Ocean Avenger - Square tube

Ocean Avenger


Just look at the super clean copes that the highly affordable Ocean Liberator CNC Oxy-Fuel Beam Coping Machine is capable of in the hands of a competent operator. Why would you ever cope any other way?

Liberator - clean copes

Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine – Super clean copes

Steel Builders also modified their Liberator with simple mirrors attached to the torch head so that they can easily observe the cut on the far side of the flange, and added a remote monitor to the machine column to make it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while watching the cut. So simple yet so effective. This is what we love to see, customers getting the most out of their machines.


Modified with mirrors allows viewing of far-side flange while cutting

Remote monitor

Remote monitor attached to machine column makes it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while cutting