Ocean Avenger and Clipper steal the show at FIMM 2015

Pedro Ranieri and Oceanettes

The Avenger FORTY, Pedro Ranieri and the Oceanettes were a huge hit with attendees from FAMOME (Obed Accostupa Tovar, Kilder Ramos Ventura, Teofilo Llacsa Delgado).

The recent FIMM trade show in Lima Peru underscored the simplicity and productivity of the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line. The Avenger drilled thousands of holes each day, attracting crowds that watched this compact machine effortlessly drill holes in 10 seconds that would take a fabricator 5 minutes to do in a shop.

intuitive software interfaceCustomers were in awe of the ease of programming, and the intuitive software interface that makes importing CAD drawings from Tekla and other 3-D detailing software such an easy thing for a novice operator to do. The Ocean Clipper was also a huge hit, showing just how easy this CNC angle line produces clip angles and bracing angles.

Ocean’s Penetrator drill bits also captured tremendous interest, and we were able to show the Avenger drilling over 1,000 holes between drill sharpening, all with no burrs on the exit of the hole, meaning that the fabricator does not have to grind the exit of the hole, further reducing his costs and improving his operating margins.

Crowd at FIMM 2015

The crowds gathered at FIMM 2015 as attendees were amazed by the speed and precision of the Avenger FORTY.

Ocean Avenger FORTY

Pedro explains how the Avenger FORTY can reduce costs while increasing productivity & efficiency.

SPOTLIGHT: K&K Fabrication

In mid- May, Kurt Smeby, President of K&K Fabrication in Austin Minnesota, graciously agreed to demonstrate his Ocean Clipper Angle Line to a non-competitive fabricator in the state.

k&k construction ocean clipper demo

K&K Fabrication graciously demonstrates the Ocean Clipper line to a non-competitive fabricator in their state.

K&K Fabrication installed their Avenger Drill in 2008, with the Clipper Angle Line following in 2013. The Clipper is located behind the Avenger and the same Operator runs both machines. He states the Clipper Angle Line replaced two men.

Aside from their machine shop work, K&K fabricates both structural and miscellaneous steel and also custom design/build equipment. Kurt mentioned that they recently fabricated a very large commercial project and his 10 shop-floor personnel, plus an additional Quality Control man, consistently shipped 23-25 tons per day for 27 consecutive weeks. This would have been impossible without CNC automation and a seasoned workforce.