Month: August 2015

Ocean Avenger and Clipper steal the show at FIMM 2015

Pedro Ranieri and Oceanettes

The Avenger FORTY, Pedro Ranieri and the Oceanettes were a huge hit with attendees from FAMOME (Obed Accostupa Tovar, Kilder Ramos Ventura, Teofilo Llacsa Delgado).

The recent FIMM trade show in Lima Peru underscored the simplicity and productivity of the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line. The Avenger drilled thousands of holes each day, attracting crowds that ...  (READ MORE)

SPOTLIGHT: K&K Fabrication

In mid- May, Kurt Smeby, President of K&K Fabrication in Austin Minnesota, graciously agreed to demonstrate his Ocean Clipper Angle Line to a non-competitive fabricator in the state.

k&k construction ocean clipper demo

K&K Fabrication graciously demonstrates the Ocean Clipper line to a non-competitive fabricator in their state.

K&K Fabrication ...  (READ MORE)