FABTECH 2014 Preview: the Avenger CNC Beam Drill Lines

At this year’s FABTECH Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ocean Machinery will be showcasing our unique, super fast and efficient Avenger CNC Beam Drill Lines. Stop by our booth # B4647 to see live demos of the Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line and the AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line and find out why these two top-selling machines have become game changers in the structural steel fabricating industry.

What makes these two machines stand out from the average Drill Line?

The Ocean Avenger Drill Lines are



The Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

The Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line is built in the USA by Peddinghaus. It is a fast and accurate drilling machine that drills on a variety of profiles including beams, channel, angle, rail, square tube and more. Since introducing this amazing CNC Beam Drill Line to the market, small to medium-sized structural steel fabricators are able to now enjoy the benefits of automated production: lower labor costs, increased capabilities and improved quality. Compared to manually drilling with a mag drill, this machine is significantly quicker AND more accurate — saving you two very valuable things: Time and Money.

Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

The AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line

This super fast and incredibly versatile beast of a machine is like no other on the market. The term “Beam Drill Line” does not accurately depict the flexibility of this modern machine tool, as it can easily process a wide variety of shapes including angle, channel, plate, flat bar, t-sections, square or rectangular structural tubing, girders, tapered beams, rails, truck frames, rail car frames, and much more. The AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line not only drills but also part-marks, scribes, mills, slots, taps and more — it truly is the most versatile CNC drilling machine available!

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line

AvengerPLUS CNC Drill Line

Stop by our booth # B4647 to find out more information on the Avenger CNC Beam Drill Lines.

Special Savings on Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

Are you in the business of aluminum doors, windows, hurricane shutters, stairs, railings, bleachers, etc? If you need a machine that can quickly and accurately cut through aluminum and other non-ferrous metals then the Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw is the machine you need to save you both TIME & MONEY.

fully automatic aluminum upcut saw

The Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

Think about how long it takes one operator to manually cut through aluminum. Now imagine they can quickly feed the aluminum into a machine, hit the start button, and walk away while the machine does the cutting for them, freeing up their time to work on other jobs at the same time. This not only reduces your operator costs, but also increases your output – which means you can produce more parts in a fraction of the time of cutting through aluminum manually.

Watch the short video below to see some unique features of this fully automatic aluminum upcut saw:


We are currently offering a 10% discount on a lightly used demo Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw from our Fort Lauderdale warehouse. The normal listing price is $33,000 and we are offering this amazing, super-fast aluminum upcut saw for only $29,700. FOB Ft Lauderdale, FL. Contact Ocean Machinery for more details (954) 956-3131.

The Atech Aluminum Upcut Saw comes with:

  • 18” saw blade
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system
  • Infeed table 6.5’
  • Air gun
fully automatic aluminum upcut saw

The Atech Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw

The standard features of the Aluminum Upcut Saw:

  • Fully Automatic In Feed Aluminum Upcut Saw
  • 18” Carbide tipped blade
  • Auto Feeding (Servo System)
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed with variable speed control to suit different profiles
  • Feeder Speed is adjustable
  • Stroke of fedder is adjustable from 5mm to 600mm
  • Multiple stoke adjustment
  • Cutting accuracy is +/- .003”
  • PLC software controlled working process, capable of memory storage of previous job specifications (material diameter, length, infeed values)
  • Equipped with digital display
  • Equipped with air pressure drop sensor ( when the air pressure drops under 3 bar the saw moves to its start position)
  • 4 HP Motor
  • 220v,3ph
  • 3000 RPM

Contact Ocean Machinery TODAY at (954) 956-3131 for more information on the Atech Aluminum Upcut Saw.