Ocean Machinery in Mexico City at FABTECH Mexico 2016

Last week (May 4th-6th) Ocean Machinery headed south of the border to FABTECH Mexico, held at Centro Banamex in Mexico City. Central American Sales Rep, Luis Pena and Ocean President, Hunter Fry teamed up with our dealer ACAT Mexicana to display and demonstrate the speed, precision and versatility of the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line. The space limitations within the ACAT booth really showcased the fact that even the smallest shop can accommodate an Ocean Avenger Drill Line without any problems.

Ocean Avenger

Hunter Fry demonstrates the precision of the Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger

Limited space is not an issue with the Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger

The Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line is precise and versatile

Ocean Rejuvenator Drill Shapener

Also featured was the Ocean Rejuvenator Drill Sharpener

Eric Olivos Chavez, Director General at Sypisa was so impressed with the Ocean Avenger he wasted no time purchasing and placing his logo on it right at the show. Congratulations Eric, and welcome to the family!

Ocean Avenger

Proud new Ocean Avenger owner, Eric Olivos Chavez, Director General – Sypisa

Steel Builders, Sydney Australia credits the Ocean Avenger as the cornerstone to their rapid growth.

It’s always gratifying to see the progress and development path that our customers are on, once they have embraced the benefits of CNC Steel Fabrication. Approximately 5 years ago Ian Head of Steel Builders in Sydney Australia embraced our Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line. The immediate improvement to the bottom line and cash flow improvement that this machine made for them started Steel Builders down a path of incremental steps, and it wasn’t long before they had installed the Ocean Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine, as well as a Peddinghaus CNC Saw Drill Line and CNC Angle Line.

The Avenger CNC Drill Line was the first step in the evolution that led to the rapid growth of Steel Builder in Sydney Australia. The Avenger is the most popular CNC Drill Line with more than 700 installations in over 60 countries around the world.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Ocean Avenger - Square tube

Ocean Avenger


Just look at the super clean copes that the highly affordable Ocean Liberator CNC Oxy-Fuel Beam Coping Machine is capable of in the hands of a competent operator. Why would you ever cope any other way?

Liberator - clean copes

Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine – Super clean copes

Steel Builders also modified their Liberator with simple mirrors attached to the torch head so that they can easily observe the cut on the far side of the flange, and added a remote monitor to the machine column to make it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while watching the cut. So simple yet so effective. This is what we love to see, customers getting the most out of their machines.


Modified with mirrors allows viewing of far-side flange while cutting

Remote monitor

Remote monitor attached to machine column makes it easier to observe the machine speed and travel while cutting

2016 Ocean Dealers Meeting a HUGE Success!

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Margaritaville Beach Resort – Hollywood, Florida

Our 2016 Ocean Dealers Meeting was held March 9-11 at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, and drew a record number of attendees. The 3 days were packed full of fun and useful information, from the comments we received it seems like everyone really enjoyed themselves, and from all the smiling faces I think that was obvious.

DAY 1 – “Selling the Ocean Way” bonus session, and Welcome Reception.

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Record attendance including Ben Steinbrecher all the way from Germany

2016 Ocean Dealers Meeting

We were honored to have Anton Peddinghaus in attendance and as a guest speaker

DAY 2 – AM General Session & Awards followed by a lunch cruise on the Intracoastal and dinner in the Margaritaville ballroom.

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Robby Clark receives TOP Ocean Dealer Salesman award

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

ACAT Mexicana was awarded TOP Ocean Export Dealer

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Newest members of the Ocean Admirals Club were awarded jackets (Dave Watson, Leon Neumann, Brian Conn, Robby Clark, absent – Buzz Daldos)

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Our guest speakers were awarded Commodore’s Club jackets (Keith Ashner, Anton Peddinghaus, Jim Dudley)

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Our yacht pulling in for lunch cruise on the intracoastal

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

With all the smiling faces it was obvious everyone was having fun

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

The food at dinner was amazing, the laughs were plentiful and the memories everlasting

DAY 3 – AM General Session

2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting

Ocean President Hunter Fry

As you can see by the photos, and from the comments we received there was a good time had by all who attended our 2016 Ocean Dealer Meeting.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, we hope you had fun and were inspired by what you heard. Till the next Ocean Dealer Meeting – Thanks again!

Ocean Avenger, Eliminator and Terminator Installation

South Florida based Go-Tilt recently purchased the Ocean Avenger, Eliminator and Terminator for some exciting new projects they have coming up. With this new location just up the street from our office it gave us the unique opportunity to get photos of the actual deliveries and shoot some really cool video.

The Ocean Avenger and Eliminator were the first pieces of equipment to arrive.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger and Eliminator shipment arrives

Ocean Avenger delivery

Ocean Avenger and Eliminator shipment unwrapped and ready to unload

The next day the Ocean Terminator shipment rolled in.

Ocean Terminator delivery

Ocean Terminator shipment has arrived

Ocean Terminator shipment

Ocean Terminator unwrapped and ready to be unloaded

Ocean Avenger

Everything is here, let the installation begin!

With everything now in the building and the installation ready to begin, it was time to have some fun. We placed a GoPro camera in the rafters during the installation to get some time-lapse footage of everything coming together. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were hoping for some pretty cool footage… and that is exactly what we got!

Check it out – 3.5 day installation in just 2 minutes.

BONUS FOOTAGE – the comical version!



Industrias del Hierro – Prefers Avenger Single Spindle Drill Line over Competitors Multi-Spindle Drill Line

Industrias del Hierro in Medellín/Colombia is so happy with their Avenger and Liberator that they actually prefer them over the machines they have from the competition.

Alexander says “I personally prefer the Avenger to the competition because it allows me to use my creativity to do literally everything“!

Operators Wilson Alvarez (left) and Alexander Ochoa (right)

Operators Wilson Alvarez (left) and Alexander Ochoa (right)

Javier praised the service “We’re very happy with the service provided by Peddinghaus, I can call Manuel Salinas any time and he will answer the phone and help me“.

Chief of Maintenance - Javier Moscoso

Chief of Maintenance – Javier Moscoso

Here are some examples of the creative work they are producing…

Various pieces coped on the Ocean Liberator

Various pieces coped on the Ocean Liberator

The Ocean Avenger drills holes in flat bar, base plates and shear tabs

The Ocean Avenger drills holes in flat bar, base plates and shear tabs

Ocean Liberator can process all profiles including pipe, angle, beam, channel, tube, plate and more

Ocean Liberator can process all profiles including pipe, angle, beam, channel, tube, plate and more

Terry Kuczynski and Folker Krebs celebrate 10 years at Ocean Machinery

Ocean Machinery is thrilled to announce that two more valuable employees reached their 10 year anniversary this year.

According to Danny Steyn, Ocean Machinery VP, “Terry Kuczynski has been the backbone of the Inside Sales, Florida Sales and Technical Service administration and has made a tremendous contribution to the smooth functioning of our company. I cannot imagine how these departments could have functioned without Terry’s amazing support. Thank you Terry for a wonderful 10 years.”

Terry Kuczynski celebrating 10 years

Terry with her stunning gold and diamond bracelet

“Folker Krebs is Ocean Machinery’s Florida Sales rep and since he joined us 10 years ago, his influence in the local fabricating industry can be seen far and wide”, says Hunter Fry, President of Ocean Machinery. “Folker, with his deep technical understanding, his genuine concern for his customer, and his multilingual talents has proven to be a valuable asset, not only to our team at Ocean Machinery, but also to his customers who really appreciate his commitment”.


Folker proudly wears his 10 year commemorative Rolex watch

Thank you Terry and Folker, we look forward to the next 10 years with you both!


FABTECH 2015: Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line

At this year’s FABTECH Expo in Chicago, Ocean Machinery showcased our unique, super fast and versatile Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line. Running demos non-stop for 4 days, this top-selling machine has become a game changer in the structural steel fabricating industry.

What makes this machine stand out from the average Drill Line?

The Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line – Is a super fast and incredibly versatile beast of a machine and is like no other on the market. The term “Beam Drill Line” does not accurately depict the flexibility of this modern machine tool, as it can easily process a wide variety of shapes including angle, channel, plate, flat bar, t-sections, square or rectangular structural tubing, girders, tapered beams, rails, truck frames, rail car frames, and much more. The Avenger PLUS CNC Drill Line not only drills but also part-marks, scribes, mills, slots, taps and more — it truly is the most versatile CNC drilling machine available!

Avenger PLUS demo

The Ocean booth was very busy as attendees watch Avenger PLUS demo.

Avenger PLUS

Ocean Avenger PLUS drilling and milling holes in steel beam.

Avenger PLUS

The Avenger PLUS in action!

steel beam swiss cheese

The Avenger PLUS quickly made swiss cheese out of this beam during demo at FABTECH 2015

John Jones, New Zealand tackles exciting new work on the Ocean Avenger

It’s always exciting to see what new adventures our customers are embracing with their Ocean products.

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger makes easy work of this 600 x 600 x 20mm rectangular column

This past week we saw the largest Rectangular Column ever processed on the Ocean Avenger at our customer, John Jones, in Christchurch New Zealand. Christchurch is going through a significant rebuild of their city after much of the city was razed during the major earthquake of 2011.

John Jones's facility in New Zealand

John Jones’s impressive new facility is the largest structural fabricating shop on New Zealand’s South Island

The NZ building code is going through a major rewrite to account for seismic activity and there are a lot of major projects underway featuring new seismic engineering concepts.

Ocean Avenger at John Jones New Zealand

Darren Harmsworth of Impact Machinery with the Ocean Avenger at John Jones New Zealand

This particular column is a 600x 600x20mm column, made from press brake formed plate, with multiple holes drilled on all four faces. Despite having a large multispindle Peddinghaus drill line, this part was allocated to their ever faithful Ocean Avenger of which they have two.

Ocean Avenger

Holes are drilled in all four surfaces of this rectangular column

large rectangular column

A 300 Ton Press brake forms the plate into the rectangular column (3rd party processing)


Used Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line – ONLY $75,000! ~SOLD~

Used Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line in excellent working condition. This customer has updated their Avenger to the new Avenger PLUS and is looking to sell this machine at a very attractive price.

Model Type: Avenger B / MDL
Serial No.: S/N 50198
Year Install: March 7, 2005
Condition: Very Good – over 1 million holes drilled and in great working order.

Machine has the following upgrades:

  • New Siemens computer with new hard drive and software
  • New keyboard on control station
  • New Linear bearings on the spindle + spare set for Y-axis
  • New seals & bearings on spindle
  • New spindle pressure sensor control w/new proximity sensor
  • Professionally cleaned and painted bed


Ocean Avenger and Clipper steal the show at FIMM 2015

Pedro Ranieri and Oceanettes

The Avenger FORTY, Pedro Ranieri and the Oceanettes were a huge hit with attendees from FAMOME (Obed Accostupa Tovar, Kilder Ramos Ventura, Teofilo Llacsa Delgado).

The recent FIMM trade show in Lima Peru underscored the simplicity and productivity of the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line. The Avenger drilled thousands of holes each day, attracting crowds that watched this compact machine effortlessly drill holes in 10 seconds that would take a fabricator 5 minutes to do in a shop.

intuitive software interfaceCustomers were in awe of the ease of programming, and the intuitive software interface that makes importing CAD drawings from Tekla and other 3-D detailing software such an easy thing for a novice operator to do. The Ocean Clipper was also a huge hit, showing just how easy this CNC angle line produces clip angles and bracing angles.

Ocean’s Penetrator drill bits also captured tremendous interest, and we were able to show the Avenger drilling over 1,000 holes between drill sharpening, all with no burrs on the exit of the hole, meaning that the fabricator does not have to grind the exit of the hole, further reducing his costs and improving his operating margins.

Crowd at FIMM 2015

The crowds gathered at FIMM 2015 as attendees were amazed by the speed and precision of the Avenger FORTY.

Ocean Avenger FORTY

Pedro explains how the Avenger FORTY can reduce costs while increasing productivity & efficiency.